Millet Flax Gluten Free Bread


Prep Time: Less than 30 min

Bake Time: Up to 1 hr

Yield: Makes 1 2.5 lb loaf


• 300g millet flour

• 120g tapioca starch/flour

• 80g flax seed meal

• 30g chia seed meal (Put with flax in blender to produce meal)

• 22g whole psyllium seed husk (Do not use ground)

• 45g organic cane sugar

• 8g salt

• 10g dry instant yeast

• 28g extra virgin olive oil

• 500g hot water (110F-115F)


1. Measure out dry ingredients into a bowl, then (after washing your hands thoroughly) sift ingredients with hands or large spoon.

2. Add the oil and hot water and pulverize it with your hands until thoroughly mixed. It will be soupy (and very sticky!) but thickens fast. Do not add more flour.

3. Set aside at room temperature for at least 30 min. That is all the time it needs. If you let it longer though it won’t hurt, so no rush.

4. Divide the dough into 1 or more loaves (1 loaf in an 11 by 5 inch pan CAST IRON STRONGLY RECOMMENDED), at this point you could do all sorts of things, even pizza crust on parchment paper.


You do not have to be super gentle when kneading this bread. Grab a fistful of extra millet flour for each loaf and oil your hands well! When shaping the loaf for putting it in pan, slap it hard (not too hard! There’s a balance) with your palm to get rid of air pockets. Don’t add too much millet flour or it’ll taste bitter. OIL PANS WELL.

5. Let rise for as long as it needs, 10-15 minutes, until it just makes a nice round shape just above the top of the pan. The time it takes for each loaf will be staggered based on when you kneaded them.

6. Bake at 375 degrees for 1 hour in a normal kitchen oven. Adjust to less temperature and time for a convection oven. In an industrial convection oven that I used, we did 325 degrees for 40 minutes. Time precisely. Smaller loaves (or a pizza crust) will probably need less time.

7. Put out to cool on cooling rack or stick in fridge/cooler for one hour covered with towel with the loaf on its side. Make sure it’s cooled thoroughly before storing. Keeps in fridge fresh for a week, or you can slice it and stick it in the freezer for months.

Happy baking! Think creatively, you could make some other awesome things with this recipe.

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