About the Farm

Located in Berrien County MI, we are a family owned and operated 7 acre ecological micro farm. 2022 is our third season. 1 1/2 acres for intensive vegetables and flowers, 2 1/4 in pasture. The rest, for hay, our homes, and forest. We are focused on stewarding our land with the view in mind to accomplish greater bio-diversity and total farm sustainability while incorporating lean principles into our production systems. You’re welcome to schedule a visit to the farm, just give Farmer Sean a call. 2692404482.

Our Mission…

  • To serve others through the delivery of fresh, nutrient-dense produce; thereby benefiting their health and quality of life.
  • To exemplify the Biblical principle of stewardship, in how we care for the environment and the interactions within it; both biological and relational.
  • To accelerate the return of diversified, ecologically sound, and regenerative stewardship of the land.

Family Operated.

Farmer Sean
Sean Strack – vegetable crop production and Farm Team Leader.
Jason Strack – Webmaster, and landowner (of the horse pasture).
Jolene Strack – Flower production and marketing assistant.
Frank Strack – Landowner and graphic designer (and fellow lumberjack).

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