Q: “Do you grow Organically? Cause it seems kind of vague.

A: We grow using pesticide-free/regenerative/natural/ecological methods (any other word can be used). But do not advertise as organic due to not pursuing certification, because it doesn’t make sense at this time. When sharing about our produce with others, you are free as a consumer to use whatever words you like to describe the farm. And you are welcome as a customer to call me about my methods, if I use a product and how, etc.

Q: “Some growing methods you use?”

We use different methods of balancing the soil to achieve the best possible nutrient availability, along with onsite produced compost from our own farm produced ingredients (vegetable waste, weeds, horse manure, grass clippings, hay). We also add Sphagnum Peat Moss, to improve soil tilth and organic matter concentration. We do not use unstable chemistry fertilizers, or synthetic pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, or fungicides of any kind. The health of the plant, the planet, and you are our top priorities.

Q: What is the farm’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic?

A: The farm was literally birthed during the pandemic itself, in the middle of the lockdown in Michigan last spring. Our approach is simple and three-fold:

  1. Protect the vulnerable. Localization of the food system (you buying from us!) decreases the chances of people in our community carrying or contracting the virus, by eliminating some of the unnecessary points of contact to faraway places and economies.
  2. Practice proper hygiene. This applies to both the farm team and members/customers. Washing of hands frequently and practicing sanitary practices in the produce washing station and while harvesting, greatly reduces the chance of anyone getting sick.
  3. Leave the rest in divine hands. We cannot control germs, viruses and bacteria, but Providence can. We simply must act in faith with the knowledge that has been given to mitigate and reduce the chances of contracting a disease, and in overcoming it.

Are you struggling with COVID-19, flu, or a similar sickness? Need some help? We’ve been through it. Email us on the About page. Or call.