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So this is one of those things that I usually wouldn’t sell, just because I grow them for fun and for the birds, plus at 18” spacing and the relative cost of sunflowers, selling them I would only make about $0.75 per square foot. Which in this type of farming, we have a goal of $5 per square foot per year, which works out to $1.66 per crop per square foot. Sunflowers are on the very low end of that, plus they stay in the ground so long that I probably wouldn’t end up making the $5 even if I could grow two other crops in the same space. Plus they don’t keep very long as a cut flower. If I were doing sunflower oil on a grand scale I wouldn’t even make $0.75 (But at large scale it’s cost effective.) But no matter, because of the special people in our lives… I’m going to start selling them.


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