Produce Ordering Policy

Produce Ordering Policy

This is what I like to call a POP. This applies across the board to our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), potential restaurants, groceries, and the xtra-market customers (feature coming soon).

Our produce is not certified organic by any agency. You are our certifier. If you choose to advertise our products as organic, that is fine. We in all integrity grow according to organic principals, and believe that organic has to do with the soil. We use the Albrecht method of balancing the soil to achieve the best possible nutrient availability, along with onsite produced compost from our own farm produced ingredients (vegetable waste, weeds, horse manure, grass clippings, hay). We also add Sphagnum Peat Moss, to improve soil tilth and organic matter concentration.

For those ordering on a subscription basis (CSA):

  • The system we’re using is designed to be flexible; a few weeks might be scarce and not enough to fill every share, while some weeks there may be a way over abundance. Our goal as a farm is to minimize the number of those situations.
  • Being flexible means you can take time off. Now there’s appropriate reasons to do that, and reasons that don’t make the cut. i. e. “My personal garden has is producing so much I’m not going to order this week”. In that case, whether or not you customized, we will go ahead and make a share for you anyway.
  • Going on vacation is definitely a valid reason to pause and roll over your credit for later. However, if you’re going to be on vacation for more than a week out of the season at one time (anytime April thru November, specifically), let us know when that is. If it’s more than 3 weeks you may want to have a friend “try out” (By that I mean eat it on your terms, like you could tell them to save the cucumbers for you.) your share for the time you’re gone. The reason for this is that joining a CSA means that you are contracting the farmer to provide you with food for the season, it’s not the same as going to farmers market.
  • Share size: if at any time you would like to change your share size, either from a half to a full or a double full, let us know in advance and we will let you know exactly when you will make the change. There is a potential that we will have extra produce some weeks, and in that case you will be able to add beyond your share size.
  • Delivery: “if you order 4 items or more” is the amount at which we do delivery, no less. This applies to scarce weeks and the xtra-market customers. Fee is applied after delivery, $2 5-15 min away from near Love Creek in Berrien Center, $5 beyond that. Farm pickup is also available, free of charge.

Subscription basis (weekly ordering) (Restaurants): (coming soon)