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This fall…

There’s two things in life that money can’t buy: true love, and homegrown tomatoes.

Partner with us, and get your homegrown veggies delivered to your door.

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Serving Berrien County Michigan with fresh produce harvested/delivered to you the same day.

Want to know what’s happening?

Quality – The most important aspect of any farm’s produce

That means truly fresh. Harvested as you need it. Same day delivery. We’re offering a Credit based CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).

  • $15 or $30/wk credit
  • Almost everything is $3, two for $5.
  • Home delivery based on locality, or pickup at the cooler.
  • Need more? You can order beyond your credit if there’s extras.

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About the Gardens

On a plot of ground never farmed before, developed into a large organic home garden. Now, bringing fresh produce to you.

Built on the Biblical system of Stewardship, meaning that your food is produced reasonably, honestly, and without compromise.

This is going to be a very intensive operation, and will be 100% reliant on hand tools. Minimal tillage, chemical free, non-GMO, literally.